Commemorative Coins depicting Postage Stamps

Compared to coins, postage stamps are a very modern invention. Since the first stamp of the world – Penny Black Stamp – postage stamps have long attracted the passion of collectors, including King Farouk of Egypt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John Lennon. Continue reading Commemorative Coins depicting Postage Stamps – Part I

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most valuable stamps

Do you know how the postage stamp came into existence? The revolutionary change came in 1840 when an Englishman came up with the idea of a stamp to simplify the postal system. This is how the first stamp came forth which was known as the Penny Black Stamp. Continue reading Most Valuable Stamps of the World

Native Americans are also known as American Indians, First Americans, and Indigenous Americans. The ancestors of the Native Americans settled in the United States for 15,000 years. With time the culture, people and society got developed. To honour the Native Americans, the United States of America issued US commemorative coins under the banner U.S. Mint Native American 1 Dollar Commemorative Coins.

Continue reading U.S. Mint Native American 1 Dollar Commemorative Coins – Part II

Indian Rupee Note

We use paper money or notes on a daily basis and are used to see the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi on every Indian Rupee Note. But what do we know about the origin of Indian paper money? Do we know when, why, and how Indian paper money came into existence? But, now we have an opportunity to learn about old Indian Currency through various online museums for banknotes. Continue reading Indian Rupee Note Depicting Journey of Mahatma Gandhi: Part- I

Liberia or the Republic of Liberia is a tiny country located at the tip of the western coast of the continent of Africa. Bordered by three countries on the north, east and northwest, Liberia enjoys a generous amount of coastal line on the south and southwest. Began as a settlement of the American Colonization Society (ACS), Liberia declared its independence on 26th July 1847. The first stamps of Liberia were issued in 1860. Before going further on our today’s topic – First Liberia Philatelic Stamps, let’s get to know about the country of Liberia and its history. Continue reading First Liberia Philatelic Stamps

What is Conch or Shanka?

Conch or Shanka is a wonderful gift given by nature to mankind when blown produces a distinct sound that is considered to be auspicious and soul awakening. The blowing of Conch is the one religious practice followed from the ancient period. The magnificent snow-white gastropod shell is popularly known as the shank, in Sanskrit, it is popularly known as ‘Sankha’. It is considered as the symbol of purity, brilliance and auspiciousness.  It is also well known by the name of the Conch. When the apex of the Shank is blown to form a whole, it produces a magnificent sound. Once Conch was also used as a medium of exchange and it was equivalent to coins in India. Conch Shell Vintage coins have great value in the Indian market. Continue reading Conch Shell Vintage coins: An illustration of Marine Treasure

Roman Republic Coinage

The period of Republican in Rome saw the development in its monetary system later than the other empires around it. Before the introduction of coinage, Rome consists of two important forms of value in its economy Aes rude-an an irregular shaped piece of bronze and Aes signatum- cast flat bar made of bronze that needed to be weight in each transaction. Later on, heavy cast Bronze Roman coins called Aes Grave were introduced. The standard coin of the old Roman coins consist of AS and it was also the monetary unit. The start of the second Punic war also saw the introduction of the various small denomination like Unica, Semuncia, semis, Dupondius, Triens, sextans, quadrans, etc which were struck not cast also known as the early struck Roman Republican coinage. Continue reading Roman Republican Coinage: An overview

Dance is an expression of our inner emotions. It’s the means to connect with nature (Prakriti) for every dancer. Dance is an emotion, Dance is an Expression, Dance is freedom and Dance is a way of life. Continue reading Bharatnatyam Hasta Mudras Depicted on Coins