A great sailor is the one who is fearless, who loves the unknown, someone who keeps his cool when the tides are high; someone who continues the voyage until the destination is reached. Many ancient coins with ships indicate the importance of these uncertain and sometimes life-threatening missions. From ancient times, naval expeditions haven been carried out to discover new trade routes and connect with different parts of the world.  Kingdoms and states always encouraged such activities, as flourishing trade meant more business which would then add to the empire’s wealth. Trade could also sometimes lead to colonization which was considered as a big fish in those days.

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Another Olympiad has passed by! As the world waits in anticipation for the burning torch to be passed on to the Rio 2016 Olympics, we would like you to take a look at some stunning Olympic coins, stamps and notes to get a feel of this mammoth sporting event. Today is International Olympics Day, and it wouldn’t have been a more appropriate time to do just that. But first, let’s take a sneak peek into when and how this sporting event took shape.

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The coronation of King George V took place on 22nd June 1911, but George Frederick Ernest Albert of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was the unpromising son of Edward VII.

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Hi folks! If you’ve been wondering how and why the first treasury notes of England or Bradbury notes came into circulation, it is time to explore a story with a moral “A stitch in time, saves nine”!


World War 1 had serious socio-economic implications, not just on the participating nations, but also countries which were somehow associated with the giants. England was staring at a huge debt and some really devastating economic consequences. Something needed to be done, done real quick! The nation could not afford to sit on this daunting issue for the moment and cry over spilled milk later.

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It’s time again to find out about one of the most famous stamp collectors of the world again! Another popular leader who was known for his passion for stamp collecting was President Franklin Roosevelt. He was the thirty-second president of the United States, who got elected during the Great Depression and served into World War II. Just like King George V, he is also one of the most famous stamp collectors who took his hobby seriously.

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To err is human. And the Almighty says you would be punished for committing every mistake. But the world of Philately overrides this rule. Error stamps have been issued all over the world but inverted stamps hold a special place in every stamp collector’s heart.  Let’s take a look at some of the most famous inverted stamps of the world.

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