The Archaeological Survey of India is one of the most respected government agencies which is a part of the Ministry of Culture. Founded in 1861 by Alexander Cunningham, this organization is known for its immense contributions to the field of archaeological research and the conservation/preservation of ancient and historical monuments in the country. To commemorate these remarkable achievements, the Government of India had issued 4 beautiful commemorative Indian stamps depicting historical monuments and archaeological discoveries of India. Continue reading Stamps Depicting Ancient Indian Archaeological Discoveries

Rarest stamps of the world

Look at me. I never thought I would see this day. I breathe easy, as I hold my throne at the National Postal Museum of the Smithsonian, Washington DC. They call me “British Guiana 1 cent Magenta”, the rarest stamp of the world, one of my kind and they rightly have a profound reason to set their eyes on me. With a striking black ink printed on a majestic magenta paper and my corners clipped off to form a unique octagonal shape, they adore me even more.

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Top 16 Indian stamps of 2015

1. Veeran Azhagu Mutthu Kone 1728 – 1757, the King of Yadava community in erstwhile Tiruneveli, was known for leading the first revolt against the British East India Company during the 1750s. A stamp was issued on 26th December 2015 to commemorate his salient efforts and sacrifices for the nation.  With the kind of creative design, this one can definitely be counted as one of the most unique Indian stamps of 2015.

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Penny Black – The first postage stamp of the world

It’s like one of those lovely ladies who you can only adore and dream about. The Penny Black is quite a sensation in the world of philately. It is considered to be the oldest postage stamp in the world which was officially circulated and used by the citizens of UK, almost 175 years ago.


This highly sought after stamp made postage services much more convenient for the common Victorians. Before The Penny Black – the first postage stamp of the world, made her appearance, charges depended upon the distance that the letter needs to travel and the number of pages required for the message. Also, they had to be borne by the receiver, not the sender. Continue reading Every philatelist’s dream girl – The Penny Black!