National Symbols of India featured on Stamps

India has many national symbols with which she identifies herself and takes pride in them. These symbols have been chosen from India’s unique flora and fauna, and culture and civilization. In a nutshell, these symbols say a lot about our motherland. To commemorate these beautiful symbols, India Postal Department has issued various stamps. Let’s continue our journey of exploring the various National Symbols of India featured on Stamps. Continue reading National Symbols of India featured on Stamps – Part II

handicrafts on stamps

Despite rapid social and technological changes in India, the use of craft products is an integral aspect of an Indian’s social life.  Handicraft aims at processing materials by hand with hand tools. The result of this can be a useful thing or a decorative item. The tradition of making handicrafts is deeply frozen in the social norms of Indian society. In any of the handmade products, a crafter transfers an aspect of their cultural heritage to the ideas, forms, material and manufacturing process of the craft. Continue reading Traditional craft of India: Handicrafts on Stamps Part II

Indian Air Warriors of World War I

Every stamp tells a story. Along with these small, multi-colored pieces of paper come the long, adventurous and out of the ordinary chronicles. These valuable pieces of collectibles unfold the entire journal of past events that collectively tell us lesser-heard stories. They have become unusual pieces of evidence of past and the narrators of modern history. The story that the stamps are telling today is the story of a great war. Continue reading History through Philately – Indian Air Warriors of World War I


In the earlier blog, we discussed the governors of the Bengal Sultanate appointed by the Delhi Sultans. There were nearly around 25 governors appointed by Delhi Sultanate and six of them successfully issued coins in their name. Today we will discuss the first independent Sultan of Bengal Sultanate, the subsequent dynasties who ruled the Bengal Sultanate and about the coins of Bengal Sultanate. Continue reading Coins of Bengal Sultanate-II


Welcome to yet another chapter of our series “Banknotes of the Countries from across the world”. Though banknotes by their very definition are a type of a negotiable promissory note, made by a bank, payable to the bearer on demand, they are artistic treasures in their own right. All the countries are no doubt proud of their history and heritage and proudly boast about them on their currency notes. Currency notes and their designs and reason behind their issuance are in itself a topic of great interest and study. Hence we will discuss various such interesting and unique banknotes of the world.

In this part we are going to look at the banknotes of Italy. To read the first part of this series click here.

Continue reading Banknotes of Italy: Banknotes of the world- IV