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The Indian subcontinent is home to a larger variety of wildlife, it said to the biodiversity hotspot with its various ecosystems ranging from the snow-clad mountain of Himalayan ranges to the evergreen rain forest of Vandalur and Wayanad.  Indian is the most bio-diverse region of the world and contains 3 of 26 biodiversities the Western Ghats, the Eastern Himalayas, and the Indo-Burma hotspot. The government of India also issued a series of definitive stamps called Wildlife series 1963 to celebrated wildlife week. Continue reading Animal Postage stamp: Wildlife series 1963


We are fortunate enough to share our ecosystem with animals. They enhance the natural beauty of our planet and even the most ferocious amongst them illustrate the nature with its refined and primal grace.  Many artists had tried to capture this creation of nature with the brush or chisel but yet few come near to copying their perfection. Every aspect of a man’s creativity is inspired by its surroundings. Hence, it shouldn’t surprise us to see these beautiful animals depicted on coins too. One of the finest artistic representation of them are the animals on Roman coins. This coinage covers the wide variety of fauna, the embellishment of these beasts on Roman coinage is unique and awe-inspiring.

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