Hello… We hope you are staying in touch with our website. Today we have brought something for all the lovely ladies out there! But men will also enjoy reading about it. Are you curious to know what are we talking about?
Well… it’s Jewellery on stamps!


Jewellery is a piece of decoration on a body. Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique.

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Stamps of India

Continuing with where we left last year, here is another post in the series of stamps of India featuring birds on them. Just before the year ended in 2016, some splendid stamps were released by India post depicting colourful birds on 5th December 2016.

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Mintage World

Another year has gone by and New Year Celebrations are just around the corner. It has been a wonderful journey so far and Team Mintage World is overwhelmed with the kind of response that we have been receiving throughout the year. Today, we thought of giving you a small recap of all the exciting happenings of 2016 at Mintage World, in a nutshell. All of these little milestones have become an integral part of our treasure chest filled with memories!

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Merry Christmas 2016 coins and stamps

Distant sounds of ringing Jingle Bells are slowly approaching closer and becoming louder. Can you hear them? And these sounds are building up excitement in the air! Just two more days to go for the world’s most popular celebration – Christmas! Time for unwrapping Santa’s goodies, time for decorating Christmas trees, time for fun and frolic! When it’s time to shout out Merry Christmas with all your heart, Mintage World presents some coins and stamps of 2016 celebrating the true spirit of the season!

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stamp collecting

New to stamp collecting? Welcome! Doesn’t matter if your collection is big or small, you are a pro or a beginner, this hobby will always give you a reason to smile! Still contemplating if you want to jump into it completely? Take a look at some reasons why you should do it right away!

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coin minting process

There might not be a single day when you have not exchanged coins with someone. But, have you ever wondered how modern coins are minted? Let’s take a closer look at the coin minting process that is involved in striking the coins that you have with you, right now in your pockets!

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India has always stood tall with its head high when it comes to protecting the civilians from all kinds of external or internal breaches of security. The attitude of our Armed forces has always been “DON’T MESS WITH US!” Considering a sub-continent that is surrounded by water bodies on three sides, with a coastline of 7,517 kilometres, the Indian Navy doesn’t really need a special mention. 4th December is celebrated as Navy Day in India and today we take a look at some of the stamps of India that feature Indian Navy Ships!

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“Life is short and the world too wide!”

To all those struck with the wanderlust, here’s another lot of banknotes depicting some of the offbeat and some famous tourist places from all over the world. The holiday season is upon us and all of us are ready to get packing and hit the trails. And while we are visiting new countries, let us take a closer look at their currencies. Believe it or not, the banknotes in themselves are a treasure chest of adventures. Let’s view some of these tourist places on banknotes!

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stamps featuring satellites

Humans have always thrown their weight around, carrying loads of ego with them, thinking that they own the planet. But the matter of the fact is that we are almost like a needle in a stack of piles and piles of hay, in his infinitely expansive universe. Astronomy and space expeditions have helped us understand about the beautiful celestial bodies that surround us and their evolution over time. India has been one of the leading countries in contributing towards space research. The space agency Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO was established in 1969, headquartered in Bengaluru to harness space technology for national development, pursue space science research and planetary exploration. The idea was envisioned in 1962 by India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru and scientist Vikram Sarabhai. Let’s take a look at some stamps of India which depicted missions undertaken by ISRO.

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birds on stamps of India


The subcontinent of India is blessed to be located geographically so strategically that, everything seems to fall in place for vibrant flora and fauna to thrive abundantly. India is home to hundreds of species of birds, most of which are native to certain regions and not much movement has been seen outside their homelands. Every species has a distinct habitat which they are accustomed to. Forests, mountains, coastal areas, marshy areas, plains, plateaus and cities, each one of them has their favourite breeding region, and India offers all that variety. Not just that, biodiversity of India can also be attributed to the fact that different parts of the country experience different climatic conditions. The more or less warm climate of India is what attracts migratory birds from all over the world. We had shared some interesting facts about these beautiful migratory birds that were featured on stamps of India in one of our earlier blog posts. On 17th October 2016, 4 stamps of India were issued, ranging from a denomination of 5 rupees to 25 rupees, depicting endangered birds of India. Let’s know a little about these flying beauties!

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