Stamps of Oldenburg

Previously, we read about the Stamps of Grand Duchy of Baden. In this blog, we are going to familiarize ourselves to the stamps of another set of rarely known stamps. The stamps of the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg or commonly known as the Stamps of Oldenburg. Before we move on towards the stamps, it is necessary to know more about this Duchy. Continue reading Stamps of Oldenburg

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India’s financial evolution is as intriguing as her glorious past! Starting from the ancient Punch Marked Coins to the current facade of the Ashokan Lion capital (National Emblem), Indian currency has undergone great changes in its designs and metals. But interestingly, the terms Rupiya and Paisa, have survived the changing kings and their titles. They have stuck through the ages and led to the official terminology of the modern Indian Currency. In this blog let’s explore the story of the Republic India Coinage!

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Stamps of Baden

Prior to the North German Confederation, German States stamps were issued by most of the separate Germanic kingdoms, duchies, free-cities, etc. of Northern Europe. The Grand Duchy of Baden was a state in the southwest German Empire on the east bank of the Rhine. The State of Baden came into existence since the 12th Century. However, the Grand Duchy of Baden came into existence in 1806 It became a republic for a while in 1849, following the German uprisings of 1848, but Prussia intervened, and the Grand Duchy was restored. With the advent of postage stamps and new postal administrations, Grand Duchy of Baden also issued stamps. Though less in number, the handful stamps of Baden give a peek into the history of Baden. Get ready to explore the small and sweet Duchy of the stamps of Baden. Continue reading Stamps of Baden

Behind every door, there’s a legend! Have you ever walked past a door and wondered briefly, what lies beyond? Door brings back the idea of stories that have remained untold. It depicts not only aesthetic beauty but also the architecture style and cultural richness. In this blog, we will see the stories of prominent doors through stamps.

There is a list of iconic gates in India such as Buland Darwaza, Baroda Palace Gate, Vittala Gate at Hampi, Ganesh Gate of Amer Fort, Swaminarayan Mandir gate and Massive Gates of Kumbhalgarh Fort Ranthambore Fort, and Big Gateway of Bidar Fort, etc. But there very few which are illustrated on stamps. Today we have brought for you 6 traditional Stories of prominent doors through stamps. Have a look!

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Have you heard of the “the Big Five”? The Big Five of Africa are the much-loved five large African mammals! The South African Big Five are; lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo.

These five wild animals were originally termed ‘the Big Five’ by big game hunters who found them to be the most difficult and dangerous African animals to hunt on foot. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, everyone from European royalty to American presidents wanted to bag an African hunting trophy. These hunting trends led to their dwindling numbers.

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‘Women on the throne’ was a less common picture during the ancient and medieval times but was not unheard of. A number of civilizations offer their gratitude to these fine and capable rulers who broke down the stereotypical barriers of the society and left behind a glorious legacy. The Byzantine Empire is no excuse. The Coinage of the Byzantine Empire gives an ample amount of examples of the women ruling with iron fist. Coins of Empress Irene are the testimonies of another Iron Lady of the Byzantine Empire. Continue reading Coins of Empress Irene

By land, by air, or by water! What’s your favourite transportation system? The history of transport is not only one of the technological innovations but also of mobility that brought out human progress. Advances in technology have allowed people to travel farther, explore more territory, and expand their influence over larger and larger areas.


As new we invented and discovered new ways to travel, time decreased while the ability to move more and larger loads increased. With continuing development in transport facilities, we are finding new ways to reduce costs and increase transport efficiency. Continue reading Means of Transport through the ages on stamps

Our world is an interesting place. It’s ever-changing and dynamic. There’s no better and easier way to get to know the complex history and geography of the world than through the banknotes issued by various nations. Today let’s take a trip down the past and get to know about the historic region of Indochina and have a look at the beautiful banknotes of the French Indochina.

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Textiles on stamps

Fashion adopts itself according to the changing times and thoughts of the society, but it also repeats itself. In other words, one can say fashion is something that never goes out of the equation. The sense of fashion defines your caste, creed and nationality, an easy way to distinguish people. If we take the example of India, it has rolled its textiles and yarns in the world from ancient times. The first evidence of the Indian looms was detected in Egypt after that, the finely woven and dyed cotton fabric was found in the Indus Valley civilization.  The Veda’s also talk about the gold fabric and the different weaving styles Continue reading Traditional craft of India: Textiles on stamps

Prior to Independence, hundreds of Princely State existed in India which was not directly governed by the British, but rather by an Indian ruler under a form of an indirect administrator!  British had their own monetary system but at least 125 states produced their own coinage, mainly in the period from 1800 to 1900, though the number of them continued to issue coins until 1947. Today, we will discuss and explore the history of the coinage of Rewa Princely State. Continue reading Coinage Rewa Princely State