Gautam Buddha stamps

The Lumbini festival is celebrated in the month of December every year in Nagarjunasagar, Andhra Pradesh to commemorate the religion of Buddhism in the state. During the three-day long festival, several vibrant activities are conducted to highlight and promote Buddhism by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation. Thousands of tourists and pilgrims visit the state to witness the beautifully decorated Buddhist temples during this festival.

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Gita Jayanti

“karmanye evadhikaras te ma phalesu kadachana” – Doing your duty is your dharma and one must do it without expecting any rewards. This is just one of the 700 beautiful shlokas from the Celestial Song of the God – Bhagwat Gita, now imagine how magnanimous this sacred book of Hindus would be in entirety. The Gita helps you develop a deep understanding of life and how it should be ideally lived. Mythological accounts suggest Continue reading Celebrating Gita Jayanti with Coins and Stamps Featuring Shree Krishna

One Rupee Note is the smallest Indian paper denomination in India. But how many of us know that the One Rupee note still exists?

Well… Not many. But yes, the One Rupee note still exists and is accepted as a legal tender of exchange. And this One Rupee note is celebrating its 100th Birthday today. Yeah!! You heard it right.

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Tomorrow, i.e. 30th November 2017, we will be celebrating the 100th birthday of One Rupee note! Rupee as a denomination was known in India since ancient period, but its significance was noticed in the later medieval era. It was the time when India saw the most interesting changes on its administrative and political platforms. The distance between east and west was reduced through trade, Europeans like Portuguese and French came to India. Their influence is visible through their legacy in architecture, food and the monetary system that they left behind. So come, let’s explore the glorious journey of the One Rupee notes of the Portuguese and French.

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One rupee notes of Hyderabad and Jammu & Kashmir

The countdown has started, in three days we all will be celebrating the 100th birthday of one rupee note. Today one rupee note is the smallest denomination in the monetary system of India. One rupee has a long history. The first one rupee note was introduced in 1917. During the time of British rule in India, there were a few Princely States, which issued their own paper currency. The Princely State of Hyderabad and Jammu & Kashmir were the only authority to issue one rupee note in their currency system. Let’s see few one rupee notes of Hyderabad and Jammu & Kashmir!

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Armenia is one of the few nations that have managed to survive repeated invasions, destructions and persecutions. The people have been described through the centuries as adaptable, resilient, enterprising and steadfast. In their entire course of history, Armenians have rarely played the role of the aggressor. Rather, they have excelled in producing unique architectural monuments, sculptures, illuminated manuscripts, literature, and philosophical and legal tracts. Moreover, a number of important philosophical and scientific works from other cultures have survived only in their Armenian translations. Despite all their accomplishments, history leaves a small space for Armenia, and even smaller for its coinage. Today we explore coins of Armenia and its history to make sure that they get a well-deserved place in the world.

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Prince Philip

“You have mosquitoes. I have the Press.” It is perhaps inevitable that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth and Baron of Greenwich, will go down in the records of history as the member of the Royal Family least afraid of speaking his mind. Indeed, the Duke’s propensity for voicing his opinions on everything has bought him a rather unenviable reputation for being blunt almost to the point of an offense. However, his famously strong opinions have little to do with the fact that he has indeed the sharpest senses of humor in the Royal Family.

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the currency of Argentina

Known for its strength in football throughout the world, the currency of Argentina has been fascinating since its discovery. Let’s find out how and why in this part of our blog series.

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War changes many things and the political changes are just the tip of the iceberg. Living in a country that’s at war changes the way you think, it changes your perspective on everything! And one such change that every war in history brought with itself was the disastrous plunge in the economy! But it is vital to understand that even during these gruesome times, life does not stop and the economic needs remain just as same as that during the times of peace. Various forms of alternative currencies are introduced to cope up with the economic and financial crunch.

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Coin collecting is more than just a hobby for many of us. The effort and love that goes into putting together an amazing collection cannot be expressed in merely a few words. Mintage World understands the true spirit of numismatics and offers a wide range of products that will excite all kinds of collectors, be it a veteran or an amateur.

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