On 7th June 1893, a young practicing lawyer was thrown off a train in South Africa for refusing to comply with the travel rules of ‘racial segregation’. The same person later became the reason for awe for the British. He is known by many names in India. Ravindranath Tagore called him Mahatma! Some call him Bapu. Some call him Gandhiji or just Gandhi. It doesn’t matter what you call him! He has a special place in the heart of every Indian. Continue reading Celebrating 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi with Coins

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Many scholars and historians mark 600 BCE at the end of the ancient era and the start of the medieval period. This era also witnesses the rise of feudalism in India, which paves the way for the self-sufficient villages, national and international trade. It was also the period when many strong and famous dynasties rose to power and the Rashtrakuta was one such power. The origin of Rashtrakuta is traced to 600 CE, they established their stronghold in Continue reading Rashtrakuta Coinage

India, the birth place of legends, the country with one of the oldest civilization and having largest democratic platform is known for its unique identity and heritage. India is a cradle of various religions and culture and this is clearly reflected in its various National Symbols. National symbols of India represent the identity elements and distinctive characteristic of the country. These symbols have been chosen very carefully and depict the culture and nature of India. But, did you know that Postal Department of India has issued various featuring this National Symbols. In this part we are going to look at the National Symbols of India featured on Stamp.

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Banknotes of Costa Rica

Welcome to yet another chapter of our series “Banknotes of the Countries from across the world”. Though banknotes by their very definition are a type of a negotiable promissory note, made by a bank, payable to the bearer on demand, they are artistic treasures in their own right. All the countries are no doubt proud of their history and heritage and proudly boast about them on their currency notes. Currency notes and their designs and reason behind their issuance are in itself a topic of great interest and study. Hence we will discuss various such interesting and unique banknotes of the world.

In this part we are going to look at the banknotes of Costa Rica. To read the first part of this series click here.

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Every country has things that they like to boast about and coins become a very popular choice to portray the diversities of a country. Well you see, a coin is not just a legal tender or a form of money but it can also be a great platform to celebrate some special occasions or to honour and pay respect to great personalities and other important aspects of the country. Today in this blog we will see the Beautiful America: National Park Quarters that were issued in 2011.

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A butterfly is one of the most beautiful insects we have ever seen on Earth. These tiny little flying creatures are known for their beautiful vibrant colors and we all just can’t take our eyes off them! In an attempt to commemorate the butterfly’s species unique to India, India Post had issued various stamps. Today we take a look at eight beautiful stamps of India featuring butterflies. Continue reading Stamps of India Featuring Butterflies

Ideas, information and rumour just need an easy and common communication medium to reach to the masses. This kind of schemes is tried by nations, individual or a group to form, control, or alter the attitudes of others through communication with the intent that in any given situation the reaction of those so influenced will be manipulated as the propagandist desired. The most common method used to propagate these notions is through banknotes called Propaganda Banknotes. In the previous blog, we discussed the different banknotes used as a piece of communication. Lets further discussed on these propaganda banknotes that are as also affect the world history and acted as a weapon in the war tactics. It is also interesting to observe how these notes were upgraded and how many countries used them as a medium to propagate their propaganda strategies.

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Stamps of Oldenburg

Previously, we read about the Stamps of Grand Duchy of Baden. In this blog, we are going to familiarize ourselves to the stamps of another set of rarely known stamps. The stamps of the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg or commonly known as the Stamps of Oldenburg. Before we move on towards the stamps, it is necessary to know more about this Duchy. Continue reading Stamps of Oldenburg


India’s financial evolution is as intriguing as her glorious past! Starting from the ancient Punch Marked Coins to the current facade of the Ashokan Lion capital (National Emblem), Indian currency has undergone great changes in its designs and metals. But interestingly, the terms Rupiya and Paisa, have survived the changing kings and their titles. They have stuck through the ages and led to the official terminology of the modern Indian Currency. In this blog let’s explore the story of the Republic India Coinage!

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Stamps of Baden

Prior to the North German Confederation, German States stamps were issued by most of the separate Germanic kingdoms, duchies, free-cities, etc. of Northern Europe. The Grand Duchy of Baden was a state in the southwest German Empire on the east bank of the Rhine. The State of Baden came into existence since the 12th Century. However, the Grand Duchy of Baden came into existence in 1806 It became a republic for a while in 1849, following the German uprisings of 1848, but Prussia intervened, and the Grand Duchy was restored. With the advent of postage stamps and new postal administrations, Grand Duchy of Baden also issued stamps. Though less in number, the handful stamps of Baden give a peek into the history of Baden. Get ready to explore the small and sweet Duchy of the stamps of Baden. Continue reading Stamps of Baden