coins of Albania

Situated on the eastern shoreline of the vast Adriatic Sea, Albania is a land of eagles. Its area is slightly larger than Manipur state and consists of mountainous highlands and coastal lowlands. The natives call themselves Shqipetar (Son of Eagle) and are recognized by ethnologists as pre-Balkhan people who were perhaps the decedents of the Pelasgians and Illyrians. Their coinage, just like its scenic beauty is diverse and elegant. So let’s dive right through and trace the journey on how the coins of Albania took its form.

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horses on Indian stamps

The sight of horses galloping away to glory sometimes seems to be enigmatic on one hand and can also induce sparks of energy within you, on the other.  These beautiful creations are in a way, a symbol of elegance, beauty, triumph and strength; a rare combination you would witness! Over many centuries, horses have been used for various purposes and have been featured on different scriptures and ancient artifacts. Today, we take a look at a set of four Indian stamps that were released depicting four horses which have an Indian origin!

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Afghan Coins

Let us learn the history of Afghanistan through the study of Afghan coins today. Be it Alexander the Great, Scythian tribes, Huns, Turks, Genghis Khan, Timur, Mughals, Persians, Arabs, British, or the Soviets, This land has seen it all. Officially known as the Islamic State of Afghanistan or just Afghanistan commonly, its name translates to the ‘Land of Afghans’. Continue reading Afghan Coins – Coins of the World (Part 1)

flowers on stamps

Continuing from where we left last time, let’s take a look at some more Himalayan flowers that were depicted on a set of 12 Indian stamps that were released on 3rd September 2013.

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Centuries have passed since the birth of nature’s children, Adam and Eve. Great rulers emerged, kingdoms fell and voyages were made as humans strived eagerly to explore the unknown. To portray their greatness or in love, they built some really magnificent monuments, now known as Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, that have attracted everyone far and wide.



There have been various currency counterfeits flooding the markets for a long time. So now, one has to stay alert when handling currency notes or coins.  But how will you distinguish between the original and the fakes? Here are a few examples, keep a look out for some obvious signs of forged currency notes and coins!

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Flowers on postage stamps

There must be a reason why flowers and colours rhyme so well together! Maybe because they add that dash of much-required vibrant colour to our lives. India has been home to some of the most varied species of flowers in the world. In fact, if you were to consider just the Himalayan ranges, there is so much to explore. India Post has depicted 12 lovely flowers on postage stamps that were released as a single set on 3rd October 2013. Let’s talk about six of them today.

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kalidasa stamp

Kalidasa was probably one of the greatest exponents of Indian literature or Sanskrit from ancient India, whose works have earned him respect from all over the world even today. He was an active Sanskrit poet and dramatist in the 5th Century who is credited for six known genuine works namely – dramas Abhijnanashakuntala (“The Recognition of Shakuntala”), Vikramorvashi (“Urvashi Won by Valour”), and Malavikagnimitra (“Malavika and Agnimitra”); poems Raghuvamsha (“Dynasty of Raghu”) and Kumarasambhava (“Birth of the War God”); and the lyric “Meghaduta” (“Cloud Messenger”).

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When the resonance of ‘Om’ spreads through the air the Nirguna Brahmand (universe) became Sanguna. This essence of Lord Shiva throbs in Indian soil, its philosophy illustrates him as the destroyer of evil, passionate lover, ferocious warrior, protector, lord of cosmic dance, incorruptible yet powerful force and equally ornamented with a fearsome temper. But this is what philosophy says about him, what about the commoners! How did they saw Mahakala (Lord Shiva) himself? Let’s learn about their perception of the God of the Gods through coinage by turning the pages of Indian numismatic to study Lord Shiva on coins.

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stamps of India featuring musical instruments

Music takes various forms and has the power to take you to a whole new world. India is known all over the world for its rich musical history that originated since ancient times. Different ancient scriptures and structures have mentioned about many kinds of musical instruments. Let’s take a look at some of them that have also been shown on stamps of India.

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