Shivaji Coins


The period of late seventeenth century was an era of muted general discontent amongst the Hindu populace of Deccan. Rampant lawlessness, injustice and displaying of religious intolerance made the people secretly desire a liberator. A liberator finally arose. He promised the people a land to call their own, free of oppression and religious bigotry. A great warrior his name is not unknown to any Indian. History names him as Chhtrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

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We see we observe and we perceive the nature around us! Colors are symbolic in nature. Everything on earth is colorful and uncovers a treasure of symbolism. Use of colors is nothing but an expression of faith and belief. And for a country like India which is known for its spiritual consciousness, almost everything and anything has profound meaning. Today, we will go through the colorful Stamps of India where we’ll see how the blending of the colors, themes, and messages creates a beautiful mélange of the diverse Indian Culture.

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Coins of Andorra

One of the small countries in the world, Andorra is known for its glacial landscapes, steep valleys, and open pastures. Its ethereal nature with its lack of customs duties and low or nonexistent taxes has attracted millions of shoppers from all over Europe for its duty-free imported goods. Today we shall explore one its significantly important sectors – coins of Andorra.

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Human art is the reflection of nature, it’s nothing but an imitation and absorption of its gist. The coins created by humans are nothing but the inclusion of this art in his daily life. But this artistic nature of men took time to develop in the monetary system. The uniform coinage which depicted various elements of nature, mainly animals, came later in the human history when the urbanisation was at the height of its progress. The best example of this embellishment is the animals on Roman coins; the illustrative depiction of fauna on their coins is a beautiful part of their numismatic history.

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James Madison coins

Born on 16th March 1751 to James Madison Sr. and Nelly Conway., James Madison Jr. suffered from epilepsy. At 5’4 and 100 pounds, he was often described as ‘small’ ‘quiet’ and ‘shy’ person. Yet this “small’ guy graduated from Princeton University and mastered over subjects like Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Political Philosophy, and Law. This ‘quiet’ guy reshaped American History by becoming a political theorist and American Statesman. This ‘shy’ guy became the fourth President of United States and served not one but two terms in the White House. James Madison, ladies and gentlemen, was an enigma.

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Coins of Algeria

Welcome to the third part of the world coin series. Our focus today is the magnificent country of Algeria and its coinage. So get onboard and buckle-up as we take you on a ride on our Mintage World time-machine to understand coins of Algeria.

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