Freedom Bell Stamps of Berlin

“This world under God shall have a new birth of freedom”! The words carved on the Freedom Bell of Berlin denote the beginning of a new era and the end of a gloomy episode. ‘The Freedom Bell Stamps of Berlin’ are nothing but a raconteur of that by-gone epoch!  Every piece of stamp tells a story. Along with these small, multi-colored pieces of paper come the long, adventurous and out of the ordinary chronicles. ‘Freedom Bell Stamps of Berlin’ is one such valuable collection that unfolds the entire journal of past events that collectively tell us a lesser-heard story. Continue reading History through Philately-The Freedom Bell Stamps of Berlin

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The wads of banknotes that you carry around and so often spend are miniature versions of art treasures! Have you ever noticed what beauties they depict? Though the banknote designs in themselves are a work of art, they also sport some famous masterpiece paintings on them. Painting is an art which enables us to find and lose ourselves in it at the same time! It is such a beautiful depiction of complex human emotions, the nature and the unthinkable abstract. Going to the art galleries in the faraway lands cannot be feasible for all…but you can behold some of these beauties in your currency notes! Let’s embark on a journey that will reveal the unseen and the hidden art on banknotes

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Encompassed with the wide variety of savouries, the vast and diverse land of Indian peninsula has an enormous number of different cuisines that reflect its rich culture. Indian cuisine is the combination of regional and traditional delicious. The flow of travellers from the neighbouring and far-off lands had bought their own surprising change to the Indian food culture, making it more enduring and tasty. The history of various groups and cultures interacting over the sub-continent is impressively reflected through the different varieties of food prepared here. The modern Indian cuisine what we see today in all corners of this land is diverse in its flavour, culinary and dietary forms. Indian cuisine on stamps is the outstanding example to represent the influence of food tradition in India beautifully. Continue reading Flavour of Indian cuisine on stamps


India is a land of beauty, art and a land of diversity. In spite of its varied cultures and traditions it is united by the melodies, the rhythms, and an unparalleled zest in enjoying music! It is not a surprise that each of these diverse regions have evolved a distinctive style of music and dance adding more colours to this already rich culture of India. Dance is an emotion, Dance is an Expression, Dance is freedom and Dance is a way of life. India is home to many different dance styles. All these dance forms were suppressed during the British rule and after independence Indian Government has taken great efforts to re-establish these jewels of the Indian culture. India Post in 1975 has commemorated these Indian Classical Dances on Stamps.

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Depiction of Daśāvatāra on Indian Coins

As seen in the previous blog, the concept of Daśāvatāra or ten incarnation of Viṣṇū is an all accepted phenomenon in India. The polytheistic Hindū Dharma believes in the presence of one and more deities that will protect them from the occurrences and recurrences of the Evil. The Concept of Daśāvatāra is a byproduct of this belief.  The Depiction of the Daśāvatāra on Indian Coins issued by different dynasties of India is proof of that not only the concept of Daśāvatāra was accepted by the Indian Society but also the idea of Viṣṇū being a major deity was acknowledged. The Depiction of Daśāvatāra on Indian Coins I established the core concept of Daśāvatāra as well as the first five reincarnations of Viṣṇū. In this part, we unveil the rest! Continue reading Depiction of Daśāvatāra on Indian Coins II


India is rich in all the aspects! Along with its peculiar melange of cultures and traditions, India has wide spectrum of flora and fauna too. Being the seventh largest country of the world, India has a variety of geographical zones with at least three major biodiversity hotspots. It is also one of the 17 mega-diverse countries of the world. The region’s diverse wildlife is preserved in more than 120 national parks, 18 Bio-reserves and more than 500 wildlife sanctuaries across the country. India Post has always attempted to honour the uniqueness of India on its stamps. On October 1st 1976, India Post issued a set of four stamps commemorating the untamed wildlife of India. In this blog we will be discussing about the various types of Animals on Indian Stamps. Continue reading Wild and Untamed: Animals on Indian stamps


Coins make history speak! They are not just a means of exchange but also a store of value. Their metallic quality helps judge the economic state of a reign while their spread indicates how far a ruler’s sovereignty extended. This huge development of economy and expansion of kingdom can be traced in the coins issued during the reign of Akbar Badshah. Akbar’s coinage provides a powerful reflection of his own personality and they are most beautiful, exquisite and varied among the one that are minted by other Mughal Emperors.   Continue reading The Coins of the Glorious Mughal Empire: Akbar’s coinage

Welcome to our series of “Banknotes of the Countries from across the world”. Though banknotes by their very definition are a type of a negotiable promissory note, made by a bank, payable to the bearer on demand, they are artistic treasures in their own right. All the countries are no doubt proud of their history and heritage and proudly boast about them on their currency notes. Currency notes and their designs and reason behind their issuance are in itself a topic of great interest and study. Hence we will discuss various such interesting and unique banknotes of the world.

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In ancient India women held a higher position in the society, ancient texts are full of such references to justify the contribution of women. The earliest evidence of woman’s position in the society is seen through the findings of the mother goddess and fertility cult worship from the Indus valley civilization. Yet, seldom there will be any reference to women on Indian coins as a sovereign compared to men. Continue reading Affirmation of women empowerment: Women on Indian coins-I

When we were young all of us were ever so excited to watch the train storm past us. Running at a lightning speed, trains have always captured our imaginations as it goes by making a peculiar noise bound towards an unknown far away destination.

Did you know that India is the fourth largest railway network in the world comprising of 119,630 kilometers of total track with over 7,216 stations! Indian Railways also happens to be the world’s eighth-largest employer by number of employees (1.4 million).

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