The World Wars changed the course of history and brought with itself many changes. The political changes were just a tip of the iceberg. Daily commerce of the common people was affected the most and the wars hit the economies of the world disastrously!

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The history of Ahmednagar Sultanate began with the downfall of the Bahmani or Deccan Sultanate. As the Bahmani Kingdom went into decline, it split up into five Sultanates, one of them being the Nizamshahi Sultanate of Ahmednagar. Here in this session, we will see the whole journey of the Coinage of Nizamshahi Sultanate of Ahmednagar. Continue reading Coinage of Nizamshahi Sultanate of Ahmednagar

India is rich in all the aspects! Being the seventh largest country in the world, India has a variety of geographical zones with at least three biodiversity hotspots. It is one of the 17 mega-diverse countries and is host to a wide spectrum of flora and fauna. Interestingly, India is home to nearly 12% of the world’s bird species with more than 1263 bird species in total, which is probably more than what is found in the whole of Europe! In an attempt to commemorate the bird species unique to India, India Post had issued a set of four stamps in 1975. Here they are:

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Curacao's Stamps with Banknotes

Coins, Stamps, and Banknotes not just make great collectibles but also offer a solid platform that stimulates the curious minds. However fascinating is keeping a collection, having more than one hobby can be a little bit exhausting and expensive. What if two hobbies are spliced into one? The Curacao Post has brilliantly combined Notaphily with Philately together which yielded an amazing result. World’s most peculiar hobbies i.e Notaphily – the study of banknotes – and Philately – the study of postage stamps are brought together by Curacao’s Post. ‘Curacao’s Stamps with Banknotes’ is an interesting chapter for those who wish to collect both Notes and Stamps in one go. Continue reading Notaphily through Philately – Curacao’s Stamps with Banknotes

Propaganda means the spreading of ideas, information, or rumour for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause or a person. It is an intentional try by countries, individuals or groups to form, control, or alters the attitudes of others through communication with the intent that in any given situation the reaction of those so influenced will be manipulated as the propagandist desired. The purpose of such propaganda can be a compelling argument, rumour or on factual base. It also can be the half-truth or an outright bluff. The intention of the propaganda doesn’t matter; they are done to influence the opinion of the general population. Duplicity and propaganda had been around since ancient times. One can use many things for the propaganda, but the most brilliant way to convey one’s message is to use a medium that is used by people on daily bases, a medium that can be easy without any kind of problem. Such a medium can only be paper money, the most favoured way to communication and a vehicle of propaganda also called Propaganda Banknotes. It’s a less obvious mode to propagate thoughts using direct, sarcastic and funny ways to communicate.

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To respect and commemorate the people who have done great things for a world, stamps play a vital role. It is also a way to celebrate their life and commitment to the world. A personality that is featured on a stamp can be from any field. As you all know most of the Indian postal stamps are issued posthumously, but there are a few exceptions to this rule.

Here’s the list of Famous Indian alive personalities honoured on stamps!

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Animals, especially their young ones, are always fun to observe, be it in safaris or in documentaries or even on stamps! In 2001, Australia Post issued a set of 6 commemorative stamps featuring cartoons of “Australian Wild Babies on Stamps”. These stamps filled with cakes, sweets and cute baby animals depict a birthday party of Kevin, the koala bear!

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Freedom Bell Stamps of Berlin

“This world under God shall have a new birth of freedom”! The words carved on the Freedom Bell of Berlin denote the beginning of a new era and the end of a gloomy episode. ‘The Freedom Bell Stamps of Berlin’ are nothing but a raconteur of that by-gone epoch!  Every piece of stamp tells a story. Along with these small, multi-colored pieces of paper come the long, adventurous and out of the ordinary chronicles. ‘Freedom Bell Stamps of Berlin’ is one such valuable collection that unfolds the entire journal of past events that collectively tell us a lesser-heard story. Continue reading History through Philately-The Freedom Bell Stamps of Berlin

The wads of banknotes that you carry around and so often spend are miniature versions of art treasures! Have you ever noticed what beauties they depict? Though the banknote designs in themselves are a work of art, they also sport some famous masterpiece paintings on them. Painting is an art which enables us to find and lose ourselves in it at the same time! It is such a beautiful depiction of complex human emotions, the nature and the unthinkable abstract. Going to the art galleries in the faraway lands cannot be feasible for all…but you can behold some of these beauties in your currency notes! Let’s embark on a journey that will reveal the unseen and the hidden art on banknotes

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Encompassed with the wide variety of savouries, the vast and diverse land of Indian peninsula has an enormous number of different cuisines that reflect its rich culture. Indian cuisine is the combination of regional and traditional delicious. The flow of travellers from the neighbouring and far-off lands had bought their own surprising change to the Indian food culture, making it more enduring and tasty. The history of various groups and cultures interacting over the sub-continent is impressively reflected through the different varieties of food prepared here. The modern Indian cuisine what we see today in all corners of this land is diverse in its flavour, culinary and dietary forms. Indian cuisine on stamps is the outstanding example to represent the influence of food tradition in India beautifully. Continue reading Flavour of Indian cuisine on stamps