Coin Collection Storage Ideas

If you are a coin collector or a true numismatist at heart then you will love our online shop of world-class lighthouse coin collecting accessories. The best part of our online shop is the fact that all our products belong to top brands from the field of numismatics. Find everything from coin albums, coin pages to coin capsules, coin holders, coin storage boxes, etc. all under one single roof. When you buy coin collecting supplies online from Mintage World, you don’t have to worry at all about quality. Coin collecting is a hobby where you require a lot of patience. Sometimes, you might have to wait for months and years to find a coin that you have always desired. You wouldn’t want to lose any of your precious coins. Expert numismatists will always advise that investing in the right kind of lighthouse coin collecting supplies is extremely important. It will not only help you in organizing your collection but also ensure that your coins are not exposed to moisture or dust. There are higher chances of losing your coins if you don’t follow an organized process. Naming and categorizing your coins correctly is essential to present your coins to someone who wants to take a look at your amazing collection. The range of high-quality world-class coin albums, coin pages, and coin capsules available at our online shop will keep your coins shining like always! So don’t think twice. Buy online accessories of coin collection storage ideas to preserve precious coins from the shopping section.


Coin Albums:

We bring to you Mintage Coin Collection Albums, Gigant, Optima, Matrix, Grande, and Numis Ringbinders. Bound leatherette Numis coin binder comes with a matching slipcase. It has 4 ring mechanisms with 5 Numis sheets of various sizes. Its chlorine-free sheets had three sides enclosed and one side open so that the sheets are sufficiently protected. Quality workmanship with sewn edges and a sophisticated leather-like cover finishes the touch of this album. Choose your preferred Numis sheet and ring binder, and present your collection in style without worrying about any damages. You can order these accessories immediately for maximum protection of your collection.


coin collection album


Matrix album is one of a kind. The strong-built and sturdy finish makes this classic album a niche storage option. This album is made exclusively for accommodating coin holders of 2×2 sizes. This is how they are inserted (show process). This album is inclusive of a matching slipcase and 5 coin holder matrix sheets which can hold a total of 60 coins. Its smooth white surface allows you to write information right on its sheets. More Matrix sheets can be added to extend its capacity to 120 coins. Appealing and stylish this album comes at a throw-away price of Rs. 5399. Enhance your coin collection storage ideas now by grabbing this awesome coin collection album.


Coin Pages:

Mintage World brings to you Lighthouse Numis/ Optima/ Grande/ Encap Coin sheet. Crystal clear, sturdy coin collector sheets come with insertion strips that offer double security. Crystal clear with double pockets, these coin pouches are ideal for processing and storing coins. Its clear film is free of acids as wells as chemical softeners. They are made from rigid PVC or 100% polyester which is free from any acids or chemical softeners.


coin collector sheets


Ultra-lucid optima sheets for storing coins allow loading from one side, so the coin album pages offer a two-sided viewing. OPTIMA S sheets come with a black backing build for excellent protection against damage. Both are offered with welded strips in various divisions. Preserve your collection from damage by buying this product today. Its transparent protective sheet allows a clear view from both sides.


Coin Capsules:

Check out Lighthouse Everslab and Quickslab coin capsules. Here’s how to place your coin. Take the upper component, place the labeling card on the labeling window, fit your coin on the insert, and set it backward, lastly seal the capsule with the bottom section.  Hence we offer you an option where you can create your inlay. Everslab capsules have a ‘click and close’ system which seals your coin permanently. On the other hand, Quickslab capsules can be reopened. Save your precious coins from tarnish and scratches with Lighthouse capsules.


Leuchtturm coin capsules are the perfect protection product for your coins. They are made from high-quality coin collecting accessories and scratch-resistant plastic and open easily thanks to their outer edge. However, they remain firmly closed as well to protect your coin from any external damage. Safeguard your coins from any dents, scratches, or damage with these amazing round coin capsules.


Coin Capsules


The square coin capsules of Quadrum come with perfectly fitting inlay foams which were developed to neutralize harmful atmospheric substances inside the capsule. Made from high-quality, scratch-resistant plastic, a box of Quadrum capsules contains 10 pieces. Quadrum Intercept coin capsules, on the other hand, offer up to 15 years of active protection. A box of these contains 6 pieces. They come in a variety of sizes right from 17mm up to 40-41mm.

Another product ideal for protecting coins and medals is Lighthouse Caps XL 21-62 mm. These round-shaped capsules have removable foam rings which can accommodate coins according to their sizes. Caps XL has 10 capsules per pack. Lighthouse CAPS XL 29-76 mm capsules are meant for large-size collectibles.


Coin Holders:

We present Lighthouse plastic box for 100 coin holders for collectors. Store your precious coin collection storage ideas in this user-friendly box which has a transparent lid that allows an individual to view all contents without having to remove the frames. Its blue molded frame makes it perfect for stacking up to 100 2 by 2 coin holders. This box is stackable thanks to its rubber feet. Buy this beautiful box today to preserve your collection neatly and stylishly.


Coin Holders


We bring to you an easy way to store, conserve and protect your valuable coin collection storage ideas. Simply place your coin onto the clear window, fold the coin holders for collectors in half and seal with staples or tape. Of 2 by 2-inch dimensions, these are available in 10 different sizes (screen show these sizes: 17.5mm, 20mm, 22.5mm, 25mm, 27.5mm, 30mm, 32.5mm, 35mm, 37.5mm, and 39.5mm). Each box contains 25 pieces i.e. a total of 250 coin holders. But wait do you have too much to write but not enough space? Presenting 2×4 inch coin holders! These have special space for writing detailed descriptions such as Dynasty, Ruler, Period, Year, Mint, Diameter, Thickness, Denomination, Weight, and Catalogue Reference number. They come in 5 different sizes (show on screen these sizes: 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, and 39.5 mm). With 25 pieces of each size, an entire box contains 125 coin holders. All of these are acid-free so that your coin remains intact without reacting with the folder.


Coin Collection Storage Box:

The attractive coin presentation box comes with a grey or smoke-tinted tray. It has 20 velvet-soft 50 by 50 mm square inserts ideal for storing quadrum coin collector storage cases. The Lighthouse coin box is stackable making it convenient to store it on shelves or cabinets.


Coin Collection Storage Box


Lighthouse Intercept Box Q100 box has flexible interiors and is perfect for storing up to 100 coin capsules or 300 2by2 coin folders. To store coin sets, postcards, documents, and more, the L 180 box is ideal. It has black interiors with four removable dividers. Both products offer patented Intercept technology which protects your collectibles from oxidation and aging up to 15 years.

Volterra Trio de Luxe is every collector’s dream! Elegant and royal, this mahogany fashioned numismatic box is lined with blue satin from inside. It contains two removable trays and one fixed tray covered in felt inlays. The top tray has 20 frames, the middle one is 30 and the bottom tray has 48 frames. A similar presentation box is also available with fixed 20 frames in each tray, consisting of three trays. Both products offer excellent new security features to your valuable collection and stay tuned for coin cleaning tips.


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