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Lord Ganesha on Stamps

Hinduism is considered as world’s third-largest religion in the world, over 15-16 percent of the global population are said to be Hindus. Hinduism is said to be the world’s oldest religion. Continue reading Lord Ganesha on Stamps

Elephant God Featured on Coins

“The one who has a Curved Trunk, Who has a Large Body and Whose Splendour is similar to Million Suns”! Deep in a cave on a hill in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, archaeologists found a Gupta Era sculpture which is believed to be the oldest dateable representation of the Elephant God Ganesha. The Udaygiri Ganesha is considered to be the oldest representation of the Lord Ganesha in the country. Apart from these sculptural marvels, the Elephant God Featured on Coins is a marvelous example of skilled artisanship. Continue reading Elephant God Featured on Coins