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New Indian Currency Notes

Mahatma Gandhi New Series- 10 Rupees note:
A second major monetary reform came in November 2016 when the Reserve Bank of India withdrew the old Rs. 500 and 1000 value notes and introduced Mahatma Gandhi New Indian Currency Notes. Continue reading New Indian Currency Notes Depicting Journey of Mahatma Gandhi: Part-II


The mosque, Masjid in Arabic, is the Muslim gathering place for prayer. Like many other religious structures throughout the world, mosques so often act as emblems of a city’s cultural identity and geography. Over the years, many rulers, kings, and heads of states have had grand mosques built. Continue reading Mosques Featured on Banknotes

Mythology Featured on Early Indian Banknotes

The origin of the universe can be explained by modern astronomers and astrophysicists, while archaeologists and historians try to clarify the origin of human societies. A mythology is a collection of stories about a specific culture or religion. They often feature supernatural characters. Continue reading Mythology Featured on Early Indian Banknotes

temples on banknotes

The soul is your temple- Chanakya. A Temple is a house or the adobe of divine. It is a place where every human being despite religion, caste and creed visits to find salvation and peace. For many, a temple is an ultimate place for worship; every individual has his own perception when it comes to the sanctum of gods. Continue reading Abobe of Divine: temples on banknotes

One rupee notes of Hyderabad and Jammu & Kashmir

The countdown has started, in three days we all will be celebrating the 100th birthday of one rupee note. Today one rupee note is the smallest denomination in the monetary system of India. One rupee has a long history. The first one rupee note was introduced in 1917. During the time of British rule in India, there were a few Princely States, which issued their own paper currency. The Princely State of Hyderabad and Jammu & Kashmir were the only authority to issue one rupee note in their currency system. Let’s see few one rupee notes of Hyderabad and Jammu & Kashmir!

Continue reading One rupee notes of Hyderabad and Jammu & Kashmir