Coin collecting is more than just a hobby for many of us. The effort and love that goes into putting together an amazing collection cannot be expressed in merely a few words. Mintage World understands the true spirit of numismatics and offers a wide range of products that will excite all kinds of collectors, be it a veteran or an amateur.

Mintage World 5 Rs Coin Collection Album

We are extremely glad to introduce a brand new exclusive Mintage World product that will surely add value to both your collection and knowledge. Presenting our 5 Rs coin collection album, made of high-quality material! It also comes with a booklet that shares all the information you need about every definitive 5 rupees coin that has been released into circulation from 1992 to 2017. Buy this 5 Rupees Definitive Coins Collection Album now!


The booklet is made of eight sheets, each of which can hold twenty coins. For someone who is collecting a series of 5 rupees coin, this product is a must buy. It also is a perfect gift for any passionate coin collector. Those you are looking to start a new collection can refer to the informative booklet and easily indulge in a hobby that not just makes you happy, but also makes you more knowledgeable. You can look into the booklet for all kinds of details that will help you complete the set. You can also gift it to your young ones and motivate them to take up this hobby. Collecting 5 rupees coins is not at all difficult as they are easily available everywhere! The album will organise your collection and keep your valuable coins safe from any kind of moisture or dust. As you all know, when coins are constantly in contact with moisture, it may lead to oxidisation which will further result in the loss of your coins’ original lustre. The condition of your coins is one of the most important factors that decide your coin’s market value. Make sure you invest in the right kind of coin collecting accessories so that your coins remain as beautiful as ever! Click here to check out the range of other accessories that you can buy from our shopping portal.


Apart from accessories, we also offer interesting coins, banknotes and postage stamps for sale. Browse through them right away and own your favourite collectible item at reasonable rates. Unlike other shopping portals, the coins that we offer on sale also come with a unique packaging that will shed light on the coin’s history. We want you to grow both your collection and your knowledge at the same time.


The list doesn’t end there. We also offer unique products like greeting cards, table photo frames, and wall photo frames that come with a banknote featuring a special date of your choice on its serial number. These are unique gifting options that will surprise your loved ones like never before. Another unique offering is our 3D puzzle that comes along with a children’s book sharing moral stories based on the postage stamps featured on them.


Our intention is to take your hobby experience to a whole new level and we hope that we will be able to attain that through our wide range of products.


The Mintage World Team comprises of experts, researchers and writers from the field of Philately, Notaphily and Numismatics who try to shed light on some of the most interesting aspects of coins, banknotes and stamps from not just India but across the globe as well.

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