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It is only at a young age that children develop their learning capacities. It is always advisable to nurture them the right way at this tender age. But when it comes to learning, remember to keep it fun! And with that very intent Mintage World presents these well-thought fun-filled 3D puzzles that are the perfect tools for bettering concentration levels of your little ones. These 3D jigsaw puzzles for kids feature images of stamp designs that portray famous children’s tales. If you want to buy 3D jigsaw puzzles online, then Mintage World offers the most exciting product you have been looking for! Made of good quality material using the latest lenticular technology, the images depicted on the 3D puzzles appear to be moving when seen from different angles.
The following four stories are portrayed on the online 3D puzzles.

1) The Tortoise and the geese.

2) The Lion and the Rabbit.

3) The Crows and the Snake.

4) The Monkey and the Crocodile.

Apart from the 3D puzzles, you will also get a story book with all the four stories and their pictorial representations. In a way, this is the perfect gift for your children as they will also inculcate the habit of reading and understand good values while doing so. So the next time you are looking for 3D jigsaw puzzles online, you know where to log on to.