Animals on Roman coins

06 Jun 2018  Wed

One most influenced and sought after coinage in the world, the Roman coinage consists of some of the most attractive designs. The designs on the Roman coins are influenced by the various aspects of their life. They depicted their beliefs, culture and tradition on their monetary system. The most alluring varieties are the ones that depict animals on them. It signifies the important events or connects it with gods and goddess.

Animals appear on the coinage of Roman Republic, Roman Imperial and Roman provincial coins. The design that illustrated animals came in six varieties.

a) Animals as the main design on Coin
b) Animals associated with the Deities
c) Mythological animals on coins
d) Animals associated with the provinces
e) Animals as moneyers (Mint masters) initials
f) Animals with cart and carriages

The animal designs were connected with events, provinces of the Roman Republic and Empire. It also connected with the ceremony or celebrations like those on Philip I’s coins. The coins of Emperor Augustus depict Capricorn is connecting his coronation to divinity. The importance of animals on Roman coins is deeply explained in blog of animals on animals on Roman coins Part I.

Its importance is further explained in animals animals on Roman coins part II from the administrative and political point of view.

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