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One rupee notes of Hyderabad and Jammu & Kashmir

The countdown has started, in three days we all will be celebrating the 100th birthday of one rupee note. Today one rupee note is the smallest denomination in the monetary system of India. One rupee has a long history. The first one rupee note was introduced in 1917. During the time of British rule in India, there were a few Princely States, which issued their own paper currency. The Princely State of Hyderabad and Jammu & Kashmir were the only authority to issue one rupee note in their currency system. Let’s see few one rupee notes of Hyderabad and Jammu & Kashmir!

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History of currency notes of India went through several transformations which can be mapped to important events and administrative policies during the era when they were issued. Though notes issued by Bengal, Mumbai & Madras Presidencies and East India Company were mostly in circulation before independence, there were some exceptions in certain parts of the country which were under the rule of French, Portuguese and some independent dynasties. Let’s explore the types of Indian notes that were released by these administrative authorities apart from the British.

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