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Human art is the reflection of nature, it’s nothing but an imitation and absorption of its gist. The coins created by humans are nothing but the inclusion of this art in his daily life. But this artistic nature of men took time to develop in the monetary system. The uniform coinage which depicted various elements of nature, mainly animals, came later in the human history when the urbanisation was at the height of its progress. The best example of this embellishment is the animals on Roman coins; the illustrative depiction of fauna on their coins is a beautiful part of their numismatic history.

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The Most Unusual Coins of The World

Though usually coins are circular in shape with emblems and depictions of emperors or important personalities, some countries of the world have gone out of their way to issue some really interesting ones. Let’s explore some of the most unusual coins of the world.

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The usual imagery that comes to our mind when we think of coins of the world is the regular circular or square ones, made of some metal with inscriptions of some esteemed personality/ emperor or an emblem that defines a nation’s/empire’s identity. But some creative think-tanks thought otherwise and minted some of the most unusual coins of the world that you might have never imagined. Let’s find out.

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