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India has been a riot of colours with each region developing a culturally unique style of paintings! Miniature Paintings undoubtedly are the best of all. Starting from merely being the illustrations for religious texts, Miniature Paintings have stolen many hearts with its varied topics of depiction. Originally the sacred texts were written on long narrow strips of palm leaves bound together in form of a bundle. Due to the size of the palm leaf that was usually one foot long and less than 3 inches wide, the area available for painting the illustrations was limited. The illustrations, therefore, are miniature in size and hence came to be known as “Miniature Painting”. These manuscripts were meant to be held in one’s hands and viewed from a close distance.

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We see we observe and we perceive the nature around us! Colors are symbolic in nature. Everything on earth is colorful and uncovers a treasure of symbolism. Use of colors is nothing but an expression of faith and belief. And for a country like India which is known for its spiritual consciousness, almost everything and anything has profound meaning. Today, we will go through the colorful Stamps of India where we’ll see how the blending of the colors, themes, and messages creates a beautiful mélange of the diverse Indian Culture.

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