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The jewels of the British crown never failed to shine, it is an empire on which sun never sets. Great Britain surfaced as one of the most powerful Empires of the 19th and 20th century with its headstrong and powerful monarchy. Its monarchy was the key factor which changed its perception and left its land with a different impression in the coming centuries. One such impression was an important event of modern history- it was the year of 1936, when Britain and her commonwealth saw three kings on the British crown.

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Hi folks! If you’ve been wondering how and why the first treasury notes of England or Bradbury notes came into circulation, it is time to explore a story with a moral “A stitch in time, saves nine”!


World War 1 had serious socio-economic implications, not just on the participating nations, but also countries which were somehow associated with the giants. England was staring at a huge debt and some really devastating economic consequences. Something needed to be done, done real quick! The nation could not afford to sit on this daunting issue for the moment and cry over spilled milk later.

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