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What is Conch or Shanka?

Conch or Shanka is a wonderful gift given by nature to mankind when blown produces a distinct sound that is considered to be auspicious and soul awakening. The blowing of Conch is the one religious practice followed from the ancient period. The magnificent snow-white gastropod shell is popularly known as the shank, in Sanskrit, it is popularly known as ‘Sankha’. It is considered as the symbol of purity, brilliance and auspiciousness.  It is also well known by the name of the Conch. When the apex of the Shank is blown to form a whole, it produces a magnificent sound. Once Conch was also used as a medium of exchange and it was equivalent to coins in India. Conch Shell Vintage coins have great value in the Indian market. Continue reading Conch Shell Vintage coins: An illustration of Marine Treasure

Master Healers of AYUSH

In order to highlight the great work and achievements of the great Master Healers of AYUSH systems, the Union Ministry of AYUSH has planned to honor eminent scholars and practitioners in the field by releasing 12 commemorative postage stamps which were released by Hon’ble PM of India Narendra Modi. AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy) systems of healthcare form the foundation of India’s Medical Heritage. These systems are not merely the sciences of disease and drugs but have their conceptual spheres touching every aspect of life. Continue reading India Features Master Healers of AYUSH