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Gajalaxmi is a Laxmi with an elephant; it is one of the most significant Ashtalakshmi aspects of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. Gajalaxmi can de define as the goddess seated on the lotus in padmasana yogic posture, flanked by two elephants (Gaja) on both sides. The elephants flanking her are shown as pouring water from their trunk over the goddess. In Hindu mythology, Laxmi is a representative of prosperity, good luck and abundance. Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, fortune, power, and beauty. She represents all that is female. That’s why many ancient goddess Lakshmi coins are issued by many rulers; it’s also the most common image in the numismatic continuity of Indian coinage. Continue reading Ancient Goddess Lakshmi Coins

Kushana Empire

The word Kushan derived from the Chinese term Guishuang, which refers to one of the branches of Yuezhi. The Kushan Empire was a Syncretic Empire; this empire was formed during the 1st century CE; in the Bactrian territories. Continue reading The Kushana Empire