New 100-kina Commemorative Note of Papua New Guinea

06 Dec 2018  Thu

Bank of Papua New Guinea released a commemorative 100-kina banknote to mark the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting. The forum comprises of 21 countries from the Pacific Rim, that stand for free trade across the Asia-Pacific region. The commemorative note was launched on 17th November and will be circulated soon after that. The country introduced its own currency recently to create a national identity.

Papua New Guinea is situated just above Australia and was under Australian occupation for 60 long years after World War I. It was ruled by three external powers since 1884 and finally became an independent Commonwealth nation in 1975. The nation is culturally diverse where almost 852 languages are spoken. Only 18 percent of the population live in cities. It is home to several uncontacted communities and undiscovered species of flora and fauna. The country majorly depends on mining for national income but people have adopted a natural self-sustainable lifestyle. Traditional social groups still depend on farming and they are greatly supported and nurtured by the Government.

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A Joint Issue Stamp between India and Papua New Guinea was also released earlier.

Image Courtesy: Bank of Papua New Guinea

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