New Banknote of Papua New Guinea

29 Oct 2018  Mon

In October 2018, the governor of Bank of Papua New Guinea confirmed the new of issuance of two new 50 toea coin and 100k new banknote with resizing the K2 and K50 banknotes under section 61 91) and (2) of the central Banking Act of 2001. The coins and 100 K banknote is issued to commemorate the 2018 APEC Summit in Papua New Guinea. This notes and coin are legal tenders from 18th October 2018.

In the reference image of this article, 50 Kina of Papua New Guinea is illustrated. It a resized polymer note of this country. The size of this note is 70mm X 145mm now with an added security feature called SPARK Live TRUSPIN is added. This note bears its original design, a stylized image of a bird of paradise in the clear window. The coat of arms of Papua New Guinea with a featuring of a bird of paradise on a Kundu drum and a ceremonial spear in the upper left side. The National Parliament in the centre.

On the back, Sir Michael Somare, an enduring figure of Papua New Guinea's politics, he was elected to serve a fourth term (not successive) as prime minister in 2007. At right a headdresses and masks from the Bainings (East New Britain), the Orokolo (Gulf), the Huli (Southern Highlands), the Tubuan (East New Britain), and West Sepik and Malagan (New Ireland) is seen.

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