First Commemorative Stamps of Greece

04 Aug 2018  Sat

Greece's first postal service was founded in 1828, at the time of Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire. This initial service continued mail delivery and, later, the issuing of postage stamps.

Greece's first commemorative stamps were issued in 1896 for the 1896 Summer Olympics, the first Olympic Games in modern times. The BIG EVENT of 1896 was the rebirth of the ancient Olympic Games, officially called The Games of the I Olympiad (of the Modern Era), which took place in Athens, Greece from April 6 through April 15.

Twelve commemorative Greek stamps were issued during 1896, to mark this historic event, which are:
-The 1 L. and 2 L denominated stamps featuring ancient Greek boxers.
-The 5 L. and 10 L denominated stamps feature the Discobolus (discus thrower) by Myron, an Athenian sculptor of the 5th Century B.C.
-The 20 L. and 40 L denominated stamps feature an ancient Greek amphora showing Greek Goddess Pallas Athene.
-The 25 L. and 60 L denominated stamps feature chariot racing.
- The 1 D denominated stamp features a depiction of Panathinaiko Stadium, with the Acropolis in the background.
-The 2 D stamp features the 4th Century B.C. statue of Hermes holding the infant Dionysus by Praxiteles.
- The 5 D stamp features the 450 B.C. statue of Nike (Victory) by Paeonius.
-The 10 D stamp features the Acropolis and the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

Beginning with the Olympic issue of 1896, Greece has issued a number of commemorative stamps. Their subjects have included Greek history, art, mythology and wildlife.

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