Mother’s Health is Child’s Health

04 Aug 2018  Sat

Indian government always tries to give us good and important messages through various sources and coins are one of the sources amongst them. One such message that tried to convey to us is ‘MOTHER’S HEALTH IS CHILD’S HEALTH’.

In the year 1996, it has issued 5 Rupee commemorative coins on ‘MOTHER’S HEALTH IS CHILD’S HEALTH’. On the obverse side of this coin the picture of a mother with her child in a family planning triangle is depicted with the inscription ‘MOTHER’S HEALTH IS CHILD HEALTH’ in Roman script at the bottom half of the periphery and the inscription ‘SWASTHA MA SE SWASTHA SISU’ in Devanagari at the top half of the periphery with the date 1996 appears below the Hindi inscription. The reverse side of the coin ‘Ashoka Lion’ is inscribed with ‘Satyameva Jayate’ and the Value 5 in the centre, ‘Indian Rupee’ is written in Roman to the right and ‘Bharat Rupaye’ in Devanagari to the left. These coins were minted at Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Noida.

The Indian government had started this campaign to fight against the world largest battle ‘Malnutrition’. The main objective of this campaign was to address the issue of the women about their health, to take care of pregnant women and her child under the year 2, and to spread the importance of balanced nutrition and health.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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