Postage Due Stamps of Baden

27 Jul 2018  Fri

The Grand Duchy of Baden was a state formed prior to the North German Confederation. Stamps were issued by most of the separate Germanic kingdoms, duchies, free-cities, etc. of Northern Europe.

The State of Baden has existed since the 12th Century, but the Grand Duchy of Baden came into existence in 1806, following the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire. The first German States stamps for the Grand Duchy of Baden appeared in May of 1851.

In the year 1862, a special set of stamps was issued to pay "Rural Postage Due". Stamps to rural addresses in Baden required additional postage, which was collected through the use of rural postage due stamps.

They were all printed in black on yellow paper and come with the denominations of 1Kruezer, 3Kreuzer and 12Kruezer. The stamps depict the value in the centre flanked by “land post” and “porto mark” above and below respectively. The entire inscription is seen within an intricate flower border.

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