Real pearl in the coin

24 Jul 2018  Tue

The Republic of Palau has issued twelve sets of coins consist of real pearls as the part of marine life protection series issue. This silver coin shown at left is a concaved shaped coin which includes a seawater peal, this coin is known are the pear of the Ocean.

This five-dollar proof coin was issued in 2015 by the Coin Invest Trust on the behalf of the Micronesian Island state Palau. The remaining feature of this coin is illustrated on its reverse side, it consists a thin surface of a blackish blue shell with a concave and mother of the pearl-like surface with a real pinkish pearl in the centre-left. An inscription ‘Marine Life Protection’ with ‘Pearl of the Sea’ is featured below it and date of the issue near the edges.

The obverse of this coin depicts the coat of arm of the state Palau with a canoeist in an outrigger canoe above. An inscription depicts ‘Republic of Palau’ and the face value below it with raised rime.

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