Man of Steel commemorated on Jersey Stamps

24 Jul 2018  Tue

The Jersey Post issued an interesting set of six stamps in 2013 to commemorate the legendary hero of the DC universe, Superman. These stamps feature Henry Cavill as Man of Steel, taken from the new adoption. According to the Jersey Post, each stamp is produced using the existing state of the art technology, but the unique factor is these all techniques are brought together in one issue.

The 80p stamp illustrated real crushed granite to symbolise the strength of Superman. The other feature includes the transparent stamp (55p), the 60p value is a foil stamp. There is also a thermochromic stamp, which warmth is applied to reveal the face of the earth from space (68p). This issue also includes a glow in the dark 88p stamp; its inks illustrated a message from the movie.

The added features to these stamps are the 55p stamp is self-adhesive; the 60p stamp is intentionally very dark and needs a good light to see the image.

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