New French Symbol of Liberty on New Postage Stamps

24 Jul 2018  Tue

The French President has chosen an artwork by a street artist named Yseult Digan, as the new image of Marianne. More than 300 million stamps with the new image of Liberty will be released on Monday. The mural is called Marianne the Engaged and features the face of a politically inclined woman, according to the artist.

The young woman on the artwork has determination in her eyes. She looks strong, proud, determined and confident about her future. A 50-foot mural near a public housing estate in Périgeux depicts the artwork. The French President chose this street because according to him, it is not academic or authorised art. He also stated that the republic belongs to everyone.

Marianne has symbolised French republic since 1792. She is also depicted on Eugene Delacroix’s famous 1830 painting Liberty Leading the People. Every French president has been releasing a stamp featuring Marianne in the recent past. The new postage stamp would be the 30th release of its kind.

Film Stars like Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve have portrayed Marianne. The New York-born French journalist Anne Sinclair is another past model for Marianne’s statue. The new design features Marianne in a liberty cap to represent the French Revolution.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

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