Coin on Food and Agricultural Organisation

23 Jul 2018  Mon

Food and agricultural organization (F.A.O) is one of the largest organisations which are the specialized agency of U.N.O (United Nation Organisation). This organization was founded on 16th October 1945 CE in Quebec (Canada). The main objective of this organization is to defeat hunger, this organization works to have good nutritious food and to improve the living standard of people by improving agriculture productivity and living condition of rural areas.

This Organisation helps the developing countries in transition of modernizing and improves agriculture productivity, forestry, and fisheries practice and also ensure good nutritious and food security for all.

The Indian government had issued this coin on ‘Food and Agricultural Organisation’. The obverse of this coin is depicted with ‘Ashoka Lion’ with denomination ‘5’ at the bottom, ‘Indian Rupee’ written in English and ‘Bharat Rupee’ written in ‘Devnagari’ at the side. The reverse of the coin depicts ‘A hand holding bundle of wheat and barley’ with F.A.O Stamp at the back of the hand, and the inscription ‘Khadya Ebam Krushi Samgathhan’ in Hindi and ‘Food and Agricultural Organisation’ at top and bottom.

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Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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