First Stamps of Prince Edward Island

18 Jul 2018  Wed

Prince Edward Island is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, North of Nova Scotia and East of New Brunswick. The island is named after Prince Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent and Strathern.

The first stamps of Prince Edward Island were issued on July 1, 1861. The stamps are typographed, perforated 9, and they are printed on unwatermarked paper. The stamps of this colony were all perforated issues from the beginning. The stamps depict an effigy of Queen Victoria with a circle around which has letters “Prince Edward Island Postage” and the denomination at the bottom.

The first stamps of the Island were issued with three denominations with three colours. 2 pence deep Rose stamp comes with the value of 2 pence whereas the 3 pence stamp is in blue colour and the sixpence that are the highest denomination stamp is in a yellow-green colour.

Among these, the 2p rose stamp was sold for 26,459 USD at Spink Auction held recently.

Prince Edward Island joined the Dominion of Canada on July 1st, 1873.

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