Legislative Palace Official Stamps of Philippines

17 Jul 2018  Tue

The market for stamps from the Philippines is steady, if not spectacular. While there is a strong demand for some eras, there is little to no demand for others. There is steady demand from American collectors for stamps issued under United States sovereignty from 1899 to 1946.

In the year 1926, a set of 4 stamps were issued in the Philippines under the sovereignty United States. The stamps were issued in four different colours with four different denominations ranging from 1peso to 18 centavos.

The stamps depict the palace of legislation in the centre surrounded by a rectangular border adorned with the beautiful design at the right of which shows a coconut tree. The denomination is seen under the tree. At the top of the legislative Palace, one can see “Philippines Island” while “The United States of America” is depicted in at the bottom.

The stamps were produced by overprinting “Official” in red ink on four denominations from the 1926 Legislative Palace regular postage issue.

Image Curtsey: https://www.linns.com

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