The Ghost Stamps of Canada-2

16 Jul 2018  Mon

Another collection Haunted Canada stamps have been issued featuring popular Canadian Ghost Stories. This is the last of a three-year series that brings regionally renowned ghost stories of Canada.

The Bell Island Hag: This sinking spirit dwells in the marshes near Dobbin’s Garden and appears to a lone person. She covers her victim with her cowl. The victim is found hours later, unconscious and reeking of death.

The Dungarvon Whooper: Lumberjacks returned from work one day to discover their young cook dead and his money belt missing. The cook was quickly buried as a snowstorm blew. To this day, Miramichi residents claim to hear the cook’s mournful cries, despite the efforts of a priest to quiet the grave years after the suspected murder.

The Lady in White: Hidden in the roar of Montmorency Falls are the cries of La Dame Blanche (the Lady in White) calling out for her lost love. Louis Tessier was courted by Mathilde Robin at the falls. However, as Louis soon died in a battle, Mathilde jumped in the falls wearing her wedding gown. She is seen at the falls during nights.

The Phantom Bell Ringers: This is a group of spirits died in a shipwreck. Every now and then the residents can hear the clanging of a ship’s bell.

The visitors of Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre witness a woman dressed in an Edwardian dress. Her appearance stops all the chores around her and the seats flip down and up on their own as if they were occupied by someone.

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