Highest Graded 1899 $1 Fr. 229 “Black Eagle” Note

12 Jul 2018  Thu

Part I of the Joel R. Anderson Collection was sold recently in Baltimore and Part II would be offered at ANA World’s Fair of Money convention in Philadelphia in August. Joel R. Anderson Collection is known for its rare and fine quality notes.

One of the highlights includes the Highest Graded 1899 $1 Fr. 229 “Black Eagle” Note. This exceptional note is graded Currency Superb Gem New 68 PPQ by PCGS. The note has great centring and large margins with a signature of Vernon-McClung. It is the finest examples of the type Stacks Bowers has ever offered. The designs are printed in dark inks while bold blue overprints are embossed deep into the creamy white paper. Red and blue fibres are scattered to the left and right. Only one note of this type has been graded finer by PCGS.

The central vignette is taken from a $10 Interest Bearing and Compound Interest Bearing note that was used during Civil War. The designs are slightly modified in terms of the size of the Capitol rotunda and its nearness to the eagle. The “Eagle of the Capitol” vignette was best known for this issue as they were made over a long period of time. The original version was engraved by James Bannister while the modified design was engraved by G.F.C. Smillie. PCGS claims that only six such notes exist today, out of which, none are finer.

Image Courtesy: Stacks and Bowers

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