Sandalwood scented Stamp

06 Jul 2018  Fri

Sandalwood, a type of tree that produces fragrant wood and India Post has graced our noses with a stamp containing that scent.

Sandalwood is one of the priciest types of woods around which is known for its enchanting fragrance. These trees grow slowly, due to which they have become victims of over-harvesting in the last hundred years. Indian is one of the biggest homeland for sandalwood apart from other countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc.

Sandalwood is used for religious rituals in Hinduism, a wide-spread religion in India. Adherents also use sandalwood incense when offering incense to the Buddha.

Sandalwood is an integral part of the Indian Heritage, which weed to treasure and conserve. Therefore Department of Post issued a commemorative postage stamp on this national treasure.

Image Source: Mintage World

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