Classic Santa Stamps by USPS

05 Jul 2018  Thu

It seems like it’s Christmas already! The U.S. Postal Service has already announced about the release of four Holidays stamps featuring everyone’s favourite Santa Clause.

The Santa images featured on the stamps are taken from Haddon Sundblom paintings that were created for the famous Coca-Cola Company holiday advertisements which ran from the 1940s till early 1960s. Sundblom was the revered commercial artist who gave life to the character of Santa with rosy-cheeks, smiling face and a red suit. One of the stamps shows a laughing Santa Clause, another one depicts him giving a Thumbs Up gesture, the third one shows Santa reading a book wearing glasses while the fourth one shows Santa holding a tag with a text “to Santa”.

The Sparkling Holidays stamps will be issued as Forever stamps which are equal in value to the current First-Class Mail 1-ounce price. More details about the stamps would be given during the time of release. The Postal Service purely depends on the sale of postage and products to carry out its operations.

Image Courtesy: USPS

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