Banknote-Like Commemorative Certificate Released in Czech Republic

04 Jul 2018  Wed

The State Printing Works of Securities from Czech Republic has released a commemorative certificate in the form of a 90-crown banknote to celebrate its 90th anniversary. The note won’t be legal tender but features traditional Czech banknote engraving created using modern digital technology.

The note features a portrait of the academic painter Professor Max Svabinsky, who was influential in developing beautiful Czech banknotes. The artist’s favourite theme of butterflies and a vignette from Czechoslovakia’s 1,000-koruna note of 1934 are also included in the design.

A modern security feature called Varifeye is a color-changing foil that depicts a golden metallic butterfly formed by hologram and micro-mirror elements. The Galaxy security thread uses a tilting effect to show different elements and colours. A micro text forms the face of a young woman. 36 protective elements are included, out of which, some are visible directly while others can only be spotted using laboratory methods and resources.

Image Courtesy: State Printing Works of Securities

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