New Coins Celebrate 250th Anniversary of Capt. James Cook’s First Voyage

04 Jul 2018  Wed

The Royal Mint has released the first coin from its new three-year series of commemorative coins celebrating the 250th anniversary of Capt. James Cook’s first voyage on HMS Endeavour in 1768.

Cook was a son of a farmer and lived in the port town of Whitby since he was 17 years old. Cook was 39 years old when he embarked on his first journey with his men in August 1768 on HMS Endeavour. He undertook two more expeditions after this one and went around the world twice. His explorations helped the new world understand new places, people, plants, and planets as well.

Cook’s ship was originally a coal ship named Earl of Pembroke which was bought by the Navy and modified. It was designed in such a way that it could sail through high waves and also shallow waters. Cook was murdered on 14th February 1779 by natives in Hawaii when he tried to kidnap a chief.

The reverse of all the coins in the series features a puzzle design that unravels with every release to narrate Captain Cook’s story. The coin’s obverse features an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The first coin’s reverse features a part of the ship set against Plymouth Sound, from where it departed. Other inscriptions include Cook’s signature and the anniversary dates 1768–2018. The coin is available in three different versions such as Brilliant Uncirculated ringed-bimetallic, Proof .925 fine silver, and Proof gold. Each version has a different metal composition, weight, pricing, and mintage limit.

Image courtesy: Royal Mint

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