Kutch Silver Half-Rupee

29 Jun 2018  Fri

This silver Half-Rupee was issued by Rao Sri Bharmalji I of Princely State Kutch. He issued this coin in the name of Gujarat Sultanate Muhammad Bin Latif.

Kutch was a Princely State during British rule in India. Today it is a district situated in the Indian State of Gujarat. The rulers of Kutch were Jareja Rajputs, who came from Thatta in Sind and conquered Kutch during the 15th Century CE. The state was also conquered by Mughal Emperor Akbar in the year 1617 CE. After the death of Akbar Rao Bharmalji I had visited Jahangir, son of Akbar, to maintain good relationships with Mughal Empire.

This silver Half-Rupee will be sold with the estimated price of INR 15000-16000 in the upcoming Auction of Oswal which will be held on 21st July 2018.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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