Unusual Employee of Skye Island Post Office

18 Jun 2018  Mon

After the army, narcotics department and many other services to society, man’s best friend has also entered the Postal System. The Scottish seaside village of Portree, located on the Island of Skye, has the most adorable attraction in the local post office of the town. Employed as the Official Stamp Licker, Jax the Dog is the cutest ever employee of the post office. For the last two years, the quaint facility has been under the management of postmaster Ray Chandler. It wasn't long after taking the reins of the office that Ray hired on a new employee — his family's dog, Jax. Each day since then, Jax has headed into work with his dad/boss and taken his place behind the counter. Though nobody needs any help to stick their stamps on the letters, yet Jax will happily do the job just in case. Naturally, the canine worker has become a beloved figure among locals and visitors alike, who were always warmly welcomed by Jax. However, in over-enthusiasm, the dog might end up gobbling down the stamp, but that is the risk everybody is willing to take. Image Curtsey: https://www.pinterest.com

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