Copper coin of Ibrahim Shah Suri

16 Jun 2018  Sat

Ibrahim Shah Suri became the sultan of Delhi Sultanate in 1555 CE. To reach this position, he was first appointed as the governor of Agra. After defeating Adil Shah in a revolt, he captured Delhi and sat on the throne with the title Ibrahim Shah Suri. In the same year he was defeated by Sikandar Shah Suri, later Sikandar Shah Suri took possession of both Delhi and Agra.

Ibrahim Shah Suri ruled for a short period of time, hence the coins issued by him are very rare. He issued coins in two metals, silver and copper. In silver, he issued denomination like Rupee and Half-Rupee. Silver coins issued by him were minted in Agra and Banaras. In copper, he issued denomination like Paisa and Half-Paisa. Both paisa and Half-Paisa issued by him do not depict the mint name.

This copper paisa which weighs around 16.9g was issued during the reign Ibrahim Shah Suri in the Hijri Year 962. The obverse of this coin depicts a legend in Persian script. which reads ‘Abul Muzaffar Sultan Ibrahim Shah Khallada Allah Mulkahu’. On the reverse of this coin a legend is inscribed in the Persian script, it reads ‘Fi Ahad Amir Al Muminin Khallada Khilafatahu.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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