Billon Coin of Qutb Al-din Mubarak of Khilji Dynasty

15 Jun 2018  Fri

Qutb Al-Din Mubarak ruled Delhi Sultanate from 1316 CE till 1320 CE. He was the third ruler of Khilji dynasty. The Khilji dynasty was the Turkish origins. These were the people who lived in an area of Afghanistan called Khalj were known as Khilji. They had adopted Afghan manners and customs and later migrated to India.

Qutb Al-Din Mubarak Shah ruled Delhi for four years, but in these four years of reign, he issued coins in gold, silver, copper and Billon. According to his mint master Pheru, he created 44 different denominations, which contains more than 70 different types during his four years reign. But, many of these types are not known. For the first couple of years of his reign, he issued the coins in round shape. But, from the year AH 718, his coins were struck in a square shape.

This Billon 12 Gani issued by him weighs around 5.3g. The obverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Al-Imam Al-Azam Qutb Al-Dunya Wa’l Din Abul Muzaffar’. The reverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Khilafat Allah Mubarak Shah’ written in the centre within the circle, and the legend Al-Sultan Al-Wathiq Billah Amir Al-Muminin.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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