1964 Indonesian 10 Sen

15 Jun 2018  Fri

Indonesia is a Southeast Asian nation made up of thousands of volcanic islands. It is also home to hundreds of ethnic groups speaking many different languages. The country is known for its beaches, volcanoes, Komodo dragons and jungles sheltering elephants, orangutans and tigers.

On the island of Java lies Indonesia's most vibrant and sprawling capital, Jakarta, and the city of Yogyakarta, known for gamelan music and traditional puppetry.

Indonesia has a mixed economy in which both the private sector and government play significant roles. The country is the largest economy in Southeast Asia. The rupiah is the official currency of Indonesia which is derived from the Sanskrit “rupyakam”. The rupiah is subdivided into 100 sen.

Depicted above is a 10 Sen banknote from Indonesia issued in the year 1964. The note specifications are as follows:

Obverse: The legend 'Bank Indonesia' at top of left and signatories of governor and director below at centre. Vignette of Sukarelawan a female volunteer with her name at right and year of the issue besides with the name of the printer at the centre bottom. Numerical denomination on top right and denomination in words at the bottom left corners.

Reverse: Prefix and serial number on top of centre and numerical denomination upon designer pattern at top and bottom left corners also on right side with text below at bottom right.

Image Courtesy: Realbanknotes.com

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