One Kreuzer Black stamp

11 Jun 2018  Mon

On 1st November 1849, the One Kreuzer Black stamp was issued. It was also known as Schwarzer Einse. This stamp was the first postage stamp of the Kingdom of Bavaria and territories making modern Germany. Around 832,500 copies of this stamp were printed. Most of the stamps were removed from circulation in 1851 but remained valid in postage till 1864.

This stamp was printed in black colour with a large numeric denomination in the centre. The engraving of its first variety was done by the wood engraver. Later on, it was replaced by the plaster. This change led to the distortion in the size of the print. Many varieties and types of these stamps emerged due to the damage of engraving press, like the colour dots, damage angles, etc.

These later varieties made the first Kreuzer black a rare specimen, today the value of One Kreuzer black is approx 48,012 US dollars.

Image Courtesy: Wiki images

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