1916 East Africa Occupation Stamp of Belgium

07 Jun 2018  Thu

1916 East Africa Occupation Stamp is one of the most striking of the Belgium Occupation Stamps. Not only it is remarkable in appearance but it also has a very remarkable history behind it.

European Colonial countries initiated a competition among each other to grasp the resourceful land of Africa. Germany, however, joined the race rather late. In late 1800s German East Africa Protectorate (today Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda) was established.

As World War I broke out, Africa was an important theatre for conflict between the various colonial armies. Some of the earliest battles occurred in German East Africa with Belgian forces attacking from the west, British forces from the south. At the end of the war, the German Colony was split up: Tanganyika was mandated to the British, Ruanda-Urundi was mandated to the Belgians.

As a Colonial Authority, Belgium was also in charge in Postal System of the countries. For the occupied territories in German East Africa, stamps were issued by the Belgians from 1916 till 1922.

The 1916 stamp of Belgium Occupied East Africa is very popular. This 5 francs stamp has “Ruanda” overprinted on it. The stamp is in ocher and black colour and depicts two African men in a forest with weapons as if they are on a hunt.

These stamps were later replaced by a set with busy overprints in two languages. Hence, they are very rare and one of a kind.

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