Insects Shown on Latest Stamps of Netherlands

30 May 2018  Wed

10 se-tenant stamps would be released by the Netherlands featuring images of insects. They belong to the Experience Nature series that began on 2nd January with a pane of 10 stamps depicting reptiles and amphibians. On 9th April, the second pane of 10 was released depicting wildflowers (spring). The final set of 10 stamps would be released on 17th September featuring mushrooms (autumn).

Photographs were used from Pixfactory and the stamps were designed by Frank Janse. The latest set of stamps depicts insects in their natural habitat with a shallow depth of field. Insects like garden tiger moth caterpillar, minstrel bug, cockchafer, black garden ant, elephant hawk-moth caterpillar, 22-spot ladybird, emerald damselfly, diadem spider, small copper butterfly, and a marsh grasshopper are shown. Drawings of red asparagus beetle, musk beetle, dark whiteface dragonfly, small emperor moth and Colorado beetle are also depicted on the stamps.

These non-denominated stamps with the text “Nederland 1” pay the basic domestic rate for letters up to 20 grams.

Image courtesy: postNL

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