Center Promoting Culture of Kanak People Celebrated on Stamps

29 May 2018  Tue

The 20th anniversary of the Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center was celebrated with the release of a 110-franc stamp by New Caledonia on 7th May. The center is spread across 20 acres near the capital city Noumea and is designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano. More than 100,000 visitors come down to visit this Center every year.

A row of 10 large, different-sized conical pavilions, shaped like shells are built on a 250-meter ridge on Point Tinu. Each pavilion hosts either a permanent or temporary exhibition, such as ‘The Spirit of Oceania’, Kanak art dating from the 18th to the 20th centuries etc. Valuable information about Culture of Kanak people is shared through these exhibitions. These Melanesian natives of New Caledonia lived in the country when France annexed it in 1853.

Jean-Marie Tjibaou was a Kanak independence movement leader who was assassinated in 1989.

Image Courtesy New Caledonia Post

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