The Most Historical Trade Coin to Get a New Makeover

29 May 2018  Tue

The Dutch Gold ducat is going to get a whole new makeover. The new design would highlight the fact that it was the most important trade coin in history. Ducats were introduced on 4th August 1586 with the Dutch Coinage Act and were struck in Holland. In 1612, the first Double Ducat was struck in Friesland. The obverse featured a standing knight while the reverse depicted an ornate inscribed tablet. The design remained untouched over the years Slight modifications were made depending on artistic freedom of mint engravers.

The latest coin is inspired by the designs of the engraver Johan Willem Marmé, who was the die cutter at the Utrecht Mint from 1763 to 1795. It features a unique helmet and detailed buttons for the knight. 21st century minting technique is applied on it. The reverse depicts a group of four corn ears and the letter “N” at the top pointing north. Decorative acanthus leaves and shells are shown around the main design.

This year’s release is a part of a 4-coin annual series that highlights the ducats’ international use over 400 years. Each coin would feature a compass design that would point to a direction of the trade routes in which the Gold Ducats were significantly used. The 2018 coin points north to the Baltics, where the grain trade was very profitable for Dutch traders. The 2019 coin would point to the East, the 2020 coin would point to the South and the 2021 coin would point to the West.

The grain trade with the Baltic states led to the Dutch Golden Age. The Dutch started transporting rye and wheat by ship from the areas surrounding the Baltic Sea in the medieval times and sold it in Amsterdam and western European countries for good profit.

The coins are offered on a reservation only basis until June 30. The mintage limit would depend on the number of orders received. The coins follow the traditional standard and are made of .983 fine gold. The 3.494 grams Single Ducat is 21 mm in diameter and can be purchased for $269.75 while the 6.988 grams Double Ducat is 26 mm in diameter and can be bought for $489.95.

Image Courtesy: Royal Dutch Mint

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