Coinage of Fatteh Singh

21 May 2018  Mon

Mewar is the region of south-central Rajasthan state in western India. The kingdom of Mewar was established around 530 CE. Chittorgarh, capital of Mewar was conquered by the Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1568 CE. Thereafter, it remained in the Mughal control for next 150 years. It had many glorious years of ruled by several dynasties of Mori, Guhilot and Sisodia. The rulers of Mewar used the title “Maharana”.

The mints of Mewar were situated at Chitor, Udaipur and Bhilwara. The Chitori rupee can be identified by its five strokes over the ‘h’ of ‘Badshah’. The Udaigiri coin had additional strokes a ‘jhar’ and a star.

Maharana Fatteh Singh ruled Mewar for 46 years from 1884 to 1930 AD, with Udaipur as capital, and resided in the City Palace, Udaipur. The Fatteh Shahi series of coins were machine-made coins, minted in Calcutta (Alipore). It has Nagari legend ‘Chitarkot/ Udaipur’ on its obverse and ‘Dosti Lundhon’ on the reverse.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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