Gold Mohur of Vira Chandra Manikya

19 May 2018  Sat

This mohur was issued by Vira Chandra Manikya of Tripura. In this issue, the queen Manomohini name is inscribed. The obverse of this coin depicts a coat of arms of Tripura with date depicted above it within the ornate border.

The reverse of this coin depicts a legend in Bengali divided into five lines ‘ Radha Krishna Pade/ ?ri ?ri Yuta Vira Chandra/ Manikya Deva Varmma/ ?ri ?rimati Manomohini/ MahaDevi ‘ within the beaded border.

The gold mohur of Tripura was sold for INR 26, 00,000 By Classical Numismatics Gallery.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatics Gallery

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