Sangam Chera

15 May 2018  Tue

The Cheras were the ancient royal dynasties of Tamil origin. The Chera kings have been particularly described in the Sangam Literature. They were one of the three famous ruling kingdoms on the Sangam age. Cholas and Pandyas were the other two ruling dynasties.

The Early Chera were the people who used to live in Tamil Nadu, Today’s Karur, Coimbatore, Erode and Salem districts in Tamil Nadu. The only source which is available regarding early Chera kings is the anthologies of the Sangam literature. The Sangam literature is full of names of the kings and the princes, and of the poets who extolled them.

This copper coin belongs to the Sangam Chera period. On the obverse side of the coin depicts this image of ‘Elephant facing towards right’ and on the reverse, the coin depicts the image of Bow and arrow with Ankusha.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Auction

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